GUT Works completed a thorough airframe and powerplant overhaul/upgrade on this Christen Eagle II in June 2004. Originally built in 1993 by Ron Odom, the aircraft was suffering from hard use and neglect and was in need of some expert TLC. Here are highlights of the repairs and modifications made by GUT Works:

  • Extensive engine overhaul and modification, including balance, blueprinting, heavy solid-flange aerobatic crank and 10:1 compression ratio pistons
  • New Hartzell constant-speed propellor
  • Left wing-walk sub-structure repaired, recovered and repainted
  • Landing gear longerons augmented according to Aviat instruction 90169
  • Fuselage tubing cleaned and repainted
  • Loose drag/anti-drag corner blocks in wings re-glued and reinforced after inspection per Aviat service letter 252
  • Repainted interior panels and seats
  • Instruments serviced and calibrated
  • Wheel pants repaired, re-bodyworked and painted
  • Airframe re-rigged adjusted to manufacturer's specs

For a complete list of repairs made during this overhaul, see the Christen Eagle II FOR SALE page.

John Morrisey served as test pilot following the modifications and rebuild. He said it was one of the straightest-flying Eagles he had ever flown, and the smoothest engine he had flown behind in a long time!

Photo Gallery

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Replacing broken rib members Adding gussets Adding new trailing edge and plywood support Plywood added, ready to cover
Fabric in place, ready for tapes Creative clamping for re-gluing corner blocks Fuselage getting overhauled Sleeving LG longerons per Aviat bulletin
Sleeve reinforcement welded and painted Fuselage wiring Engine and upper wing installed Engine detail
Interior detail showing new Zolatone paint Engine cabling and freshly painted fuel tank Right lower wing in place Rigging top wings with Pitts/Eagle gauges
New mini-panel overlay Rolling John Morrisey out for first test flight Nice view of paint job Gary, the engine expert, looks on
The Eagle is landing! John and Ron discuss a successful first flight The accelerometer shows -3.8 and +6.6 Gs!  


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