GUT Works received Aviat Husky N53HY for export to England, and coincidentally the owner desired an avionics upgrade and autopilot installed to assist with IFR operations in European airspace. Before dismantling the aircraft for crating, we installed, calibrated and tested the following equipment (presented in the photos below):

  • KN62A DME
  • KI525A HSI (slaved)
  • KX165A NAV COM
  • S-TEC System 30 Autopilot with GPSS interface and altitude hold
  • #2 Altimeter
  • Heated Pitot/Static probe
  • Emergency Hand-held Radio Interface

Had it not been for a structural airframe member in the way of the new HSI indicator, we could have made minor panel changes and fit in the new instrumentation with some compromises. That was not to be, however, so a new, uncompromising CAD-designed panel was designed, resulting in a height increase of less than 1". The engine cowl is still visible from the pilot's viewpoint, so visibility is not sacrificed. It was important to us to maintain the proper orientation of panel instruments during this upgrade, and making a new panel allowed us to do that while also making for an attractive installation.

Photo Gallery

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The original factory panel. Now you see it... ...and now you don't! Laying out new panel in AutoCAD New, taller panel being fabricated
New panel, backside New sub-panel radio stack Trial run before painting Custom mold for laying-up a new glare shield
New 3-piece glare shield before black paint Top view of instruments, wiring and plumbing Rudder servo below cargo compartment (top right) Horiz. gyro and autopilot computer
Flux transmitter added inside left wing tip Cutting hatch in wing LE for heated pitot tube Opening complete and pitot tube installed New access cover painted and installed
Autopilot disconnect switch added to front stick grip Completed installation Completed panel Hand-held radio interface panel added above pilot
Test flight calibrations On final at LWC Project completed, ready for shipping to England  


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