GUT Works specializes in exporting aircraft to all countries
and continents, especially Canada and Europe. We are able
to streamline this process by having an Export DAR on staff.

Ferrying & Exporting Photo Gallery

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Ferrying a Pitts S-2C past the Titons in Wyoming The Jackson Hole airport Ron, the S-2C, and its cousin the Christen Eagle In our Kansas facility...
...ready for dismantling Pitts S-2C cockpit Shiny red parts to be carefully wrapped & packed Waiting for the shipping container
Lower wings in shipping container Fuselage and upper wing in place View from the rear Left axle secured to floor
Tailwheel spring secured to floor Ready to seal the doors and ship it to England Ron ferries a Husky A-1B through Wyoming Scenic view east of Jackson Hole
Posing on the ramp at Jackson Hole In Kansas with the GUT-Works crew Ready to go in the box alongside an A-1B "Pup" Four wing panels and one fuselage...
...both planes in now Another A-1B being exported to England after substantial modifications by GUT Works Lots of room left over this time Ready to seal the door
1998 C-172 SkyHawk to be exported to Dubai, UAE Left main gear replaced with crating block assembly Crating block secured to shipping container floor Nose gear secured to floor
Right main gear secured to floor Fuselage tail, right main gear, elevators, wing Horiz. & vert. stabilizers, lift struts secured to floor Aircraft ready to ship

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